Bearing maintenance and repair

mageba has 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of structural bearings, and puts the know-how gained to good use in the inspection, maintenance and repair of existing bearings. This includes the renewal of corrosion protection, the replacement of components (such as sliding materials) or the realignment of parts which may have rotated. The scope of the work is defined together with the client and based on an initial inspection of the relevant bearings.

        Image gallery

        • Lagersanierung-img1

          Corroded roller bearing

        • Lagersanierung_mainimg

          Repaired roller bearing

        • Lagersanierung-Biberbrugg-img2

          Bearing before maintenance

        • Lagersanierung-Biberbrugg-img3

          Bearing after maintenance

        • Lagersanierung-img4

          New pot bearing before placing of mortar bed