Incremental launch bearings – RESTON-ILM


mageba RESTON-ILM incremental launch bearings are based on RESTON-POT or RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings or LASTO-BLOCK deformation bearings, and equipped with an additional sloped plate on top. This plate features a stainless steel sliding surface, and enables a bridge deck to be put in place by the incremental launch method (ILM).


RESTON-ILM incremental launch bearings are used in the construction of bridges by the incremental launch method, and remain in service after completion of construction, taking on the role of the bridge’s permanent bearings. This dual function results in a shorter construction time and reduced overall costs.

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        • RESTON-ILM-mainimg

          Incremental launch Method (ILM) bearing during fabrication

        • RESTON-ILM-img1

          ILM bearing ready for shipment

        • RESTON-ILM-img2

          Installed RESTON-ILM incremental launch method bearing